The case for hardwood flooring

When faced with the opportunity to explore the idea of hardwood flooring, few homeowners turn away from the opportunity. In fact, the truth is, most homeowners prefer it, but the reasons vary widely. For some, it is the timeless elegance that seems to blend in so perfectly with any decor scheme at all. For others, it is the stunningly long life span, and the durability of the material. No matter what your reason is for loving this floor covering, we’re here to tell you a bit more about it, and how you can have it installed in your home in no time.

BA Flooring has a strong commitment to customer service, from the quality products we provide, to the trustworthy service you will receive. We enjoy helping match our customers with the perfect floor coverings for both their needs and preferences. We invite you to come by for a visit, and allow us to show you how different shopping for a new floor covering can be. From our showrooms and warehouse in Broken Arrow, OK, we proudly serve the areas of Broken Arrow, Tulsa, South Tulsa, Bixby, Owassa, and Jenks, OK, and we look forward to serving you too.

Hardwood options and benefits

There are several options you’ll have to decide upon, even after you’ve set your heart on hardwood flooring. The first of those options is the species of wood you will prefer. Not all species are the same, and therefore one is more likely to be best for your own unique needs than others are. For instance, homes with higher levels of foot traffic will need a much harder species, than a bedroom that gets little to no traffic at all. Another option is your stain color choice. Those woods with their own natural color scheme, such as the rosy pink of cherry wood, is often only covered with a clear stain, to allow its natural beauty to shine forth. You also have the option of much darker and more colorful stains as well. Choices are also available for selecting a pre-stained hardwood, or having your floors stained only after having been installed in your home. The finish is another important choice you’ll have to make. The clear, glossy finish is one that is very popular with many homeowners, but that certainly isn’t the only one available. You can also choose finishes such as hand scraped, vintage, and distressed, all of which do an excellent job of hiding some of the usual signs of everyday wear and tear.

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