Flooring Care & Maintenance

Mohawk Flooring Care & Maintenance at BA Flooring & Design LLC in Broken Arrow
Buying a new floor can be extremely overwhelming, but we are here to help you every step of the way. When it comes to choosing new flooring, durability is often the main consideration. When helping you select the right flooring, we typically ask what type of durability you are needing. For example, we need wood flooring to resist scratches from dog nails, carpet to resist wine stains and tile to resist discoloring, to name a few scenarios. But which options should you choose to keep your home looking clean and new.

Cleaning has never been as important or thought of as often as it is right now, and that starts with homes. At the beginning of quarantine, we noticed a sharp uptick in the search volume of how to clean and disinfect flooring- especially soft surfaces, so we updated our blog content to remind consumers of the proper cleaning steps and materials for all flooring surfaces, as well as what the CDC is currently recommending for disinfectants. It is important to take the proper cleaning steps to ensure the life of your flooring.

As your stores begin to open back up, we want to provide these cleaning posts as downloadable PDFs that you can send or print out to share with your customers. The more information we can share, the more we can ensure consumers follow the right cleaning steps for their floors and put any worries to rest.

We are also available for any carpet repair or maintenance that your family or business may need.