Hexagonal tile kitchen flooring in a Tulsa home

Why Choose Tile Flooring?

Are you thinking about updating the floors in your home? A fresh, new floor is an excellent way to revamp and modernize any room.

When replacing flooring, you have many materials to choose from. However, few can compare to tile.

Why should you choose tile flooring over other options? Find out below!

Types of Tile Flooring

One of the top reasons to consider tile flooring is that it comes in so many different styles. Here are some of the most popular options you might choose for your home:

  • Ceramic: Versatile, affordable, cleanable, and durable
  • Porcelain: Stronger and more durable, but also more expensive than some other tiles
  • Natural Stone: Slate, limestone, sandstone, and travertine are unique flooring options (but they also require sealing to prevent discoloration)

Whether you prefer a clean, streamlined look or something more rustic, you can find tile that aligns with your style. You can even select tiles that mimic the appearance of natural wood, marble, and other materials.

Benefits of Tile Flooring

If you?re on the fence about choosing tile over other flooring options, here are some specific benefits tile has to offer:

Easy to Clean

It doesn?t matter if you have messy pets and kids running around your home or just want to spend as little time cleaning as possible. Tile flooring is an excellent choice.

With tiles ? even natural stone tiles, as long as they?re adequately sealed ? it?s easy to mop up spills and sweep or vacuum up crumbs. You can also use more potent cleaning products like bleach on it without worrying about stains or discoloration.

Easy to Repair and Maintain

When combined with quality grout and sealant, tile flooring is much lower maintenance compared to other flooring options.

If one of your tiles happens to get chipped or cracked, you can simply replace the broken tile without having to redo the entire floor (Make sure to take note of the specific tile you used so you can find a suitable replacement easily).

Resists Wear and Tear

In addition to being resistant to stains and spills, tile can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Tile is much less likely to get scratched or scuffed like wood, and it?s less likely to get flattened in high-traffic areas, which is common with carpet.

You also don?t have to worry about wiping up puddles immediately with tile because it can handle extended moisture exposure better than other materials.

Naturally Cool

If you need more reasons to invest in floor tile in Tulsa, consider the fact that tile acts as a natural air conditioner for warm homes. It repels heat and is inherently cool to the touch, meaning it feels refreshing under your feet, especially during the hottest seasons of the year.

Upgrade Your Floors Today!

Tile is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a durable, cleanable and easily repairable flooring material.

Are you ready to update the floors in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home? Consider investing in tile flooring for a long-lasting and stylish option.