Hardwood floors: The preparation before installation

Hardwood floors: The preparation before installation

Contemporary hardwood floors have been gaining popularity for their exceptional durability, timeless appeal, and the ability to seamlessly blend with a variety of interior design styles. Whether you're going for a modern, rustic, or traditional look, hardwood floors offer a versatile and elegant solution.

One of the key advantages of contemporary hardwood floors is their longevity. With proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors can last for decades, making them a smart investment for homeowners. Additionally, they are a sustainable choice as they are made from renewable resources and can be recycled or repurposed.

Before diving into the world of contemporary hardwood floors, there are some crucial preparations you need to make to ensure a smooth and successful installation process:

1. Subfloor Inspection:
The first step is to inspect your existing subfloor. It should be clean, dry, and level. Any irregularities in the subfloor can lead to problems down the road, such as squeaks and uneven flooring. If necessary, you may need to have your subfloor repaired or replaced.

2. Acclimatization:
Hardwood floors are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. To prevent issues like warping or buckling, it's essential to acclimate your hardwood planks to the environment in which they will be installed. This typically involves leaving the flooring materials in the room for a specific period before installation.

3. Moisture Testing:
Moisture is the enemy of hardwood floors. Ensure that the moisture levels in your subfloor and the hardwood planks are within an acceptable range to prevent any problems later on. Moisture meters can be used to assess these levels accurately.

4. Furniture and Obstacles:
Remove all furniture and obstacles from the room where the hardwood floors will be installed. This includes rugs, appliances, and anything else that might hinder the installation process.

5. Choose the Right Finish:
Contemporary hardwood floors come in various finishes, from matte to high-gloss. Select a finish that complements your interior design and lifestyle. Matte finishes are often favored for their ability to conceal minor scratches and imperfections.

6. Professional Installation:
While some experienced DIY enthusiasts may attempt to install hardwood floors themselves, it's often best to leave this job to the experts. Professional installers have the skills and tools necessary to ensure a flawless installation that will stand the test of time.

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